Playa Giron - Bay of Pigs

Varadero has almost everything a sun seeker (besides the sun) seeks; beautiful, endless beaches, palatial hotels, an inviting turquoise sea washing gentle over these beaches, a vibrant nightlife and numerous other activities.

But what if you´re into snorkeling?

We do admit that Varadero doesn´t feature the best snorkel environments of the entire island, but the Bay of Pigs certainly does, so make a sea-switch and head off to the Caribbean Sea. 

When drawing a straight line on the map from Varadero to the south of Cuba, you will end up at the Bay, encircled by the wetland and nature-park Ciénaga de Zapata. 
This private tour will take you first (before putting on your snorkel gear) along the agricultural countryside, interspersed with small provincial towns, illustrating the daily Cuban life. The two-hour ride should be considered as an additional informative part of the program and not merely seen as transportation, besides… if you like, you can take over the steering wheel from the chauffeur/guide and drive yourself.

Most people know the ‘Bay of Pigs’ (Bahía de Cochinos) from the US-backed covert operation that took place here on April 17, 1961. Today, the bay is a friendlier environment featuring ideal diving and snorkeling conditions directly from the coast, making transport by boat unnecessary. Its crystal-clear waters reveal surprising species of corals, sponges and schools of colorful tropical fish.

Not one, but two snorkel sites will be visited (we could not make a choice between the two, so we included both).

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Playa Giron - Bay of Pigs


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