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Rio de Janeiro, Tropical Island & Historical Paraty

11 days/10 nights

Rio de Janeiro - is green hills, blue sky, rocky mountains, beautiful bays, islands and beaches. 

The second most populous city in Brazil and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hotels located on the most famous black-and-white tiled promenade of Copacabana, Leblon, Ipanema.

Ilha Grande / Angra– impressive island where you can practice any water sport, such as windsurfing and kite surfing, scuba diving, water skiing and a "banana" boat ride. During cruises you can observe a lot of green islands. Usually boats swim in the bay with the amazingly clear turquoise waters that you can see the bottom at 5-7 meters, you can dive off the boat and watch the underwater world of exotic fish.

Paraty – historical city Paraty with its cobblestone streets and churches in a beautiful surrounding countryside was founded in 1667 and grew big because of its many plantations of sugarcane. It even got famous because of producing the best cachaca (local strong alcoholic drink). In the 18th century, during the yellow fever Paraty was used as an important port for the transportation of gold and precious stones from the state of Minas Gerais to Portugal. However, constant attacks of pirates obliged the port to be moved elsewhere, bringing Parati in an economically isolated position. Only in the 70’s when the railroad Rio-Santos was constructed, Paraty received visitors again: this time they were tourists that came to admire the historical city in a tropical paradise.

Day 1:Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to Brazil! After arriving at the international airport in Rio de Janeiro, our driver will wait for you and drive you to your hotel. Take in the breath-taking view as your plane descends upon Rio de Janeiro – the 'Marvelous City' where rolling green hills, turquoise ocean, sandy beaches and high-rise urban development is all packed together in a unique blend of life and humanity. Your driver will take you from the airport to the hotel, during which time you can get a different perspective of the city, passing through the colonial style buildings and along the world-famous beachfront. The natural beauty of Rio is almost transcendental and gives you a taste of the Amazon rainforest while still retaining everything that is so incredible about a Latin American city. A walk along the mosaic tiles of Copacabana reveals much about the life of a 'carioca' (Rio local) – a refreshing caipirinha as the waves lap against the shore, a fiercely competitive game of foot volleyball, and thousands of beachgoers sunning themselves on the white sands. You have truly arrived in paradise.

Day 2: Rio de Janeiro

City Tour and Sugarloaf mountain (4 hours) After breakfast a half-day excursion to the Sugar Loaf is planned. The first stop is on Urca Mountain, with a wide viewing area, where you can eat in the restaurant or bar. On the mountain of Sugar Loaf you will have a beautiful view of Rio, Copacabana beach, the bay, the surrounding mountains, islands in the ocean, bridge Niteroi, and the statue of Christ on Corcovado Mountain. Then you will go by car to the central regions of the old Rio, where you will admire several old churches, monasteries, the main cathedral of the city, as well as buildings built in colonial style.

Day 3: Rio de Janeiro –Paraty

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Paraty (duration:4 hours). Accommodation in the hotel. After a short rest you will have a guided jeep tour in Paraty. Enjoy nature and discover the local culture of the city, within the Serra da Bocaina National Park. The route passes through beautiful waterfalls with crystalline waters, great for bathing and easily accessible, through small safe and peaceful trails in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. They will be able to know some of the different species of local fauna and flora. Visit to Pedra Branca Waterfall, Poço do Tarzan Waterfall and Tobogã Waterfall. We will get to know the process of the famous artisanal cachaça from Paraty and how it was produced in the 18th century, visiting the traditional still, with the right to taste the most varied liqueurs and aged cachaças. We visit the Ouro Branco House of Flour, where we can learn about all the steps involved in the artisanal manufacture of cassava flour, and enjoy a delicious afternoon coffee made with freshly ground grains and the classic rapadura, a typical Brazilian sweet (tasting optional).

Day 4: Paraty –Trinidad

Trindade is a paradisiacal cove located 27 km from Paraty, with 04 ocean beaches and 01 natural pool in the middle of the sea. Transportation is carried out in vans or minibuses, with guides specialized in the history, ecology and caiçara culture of the region. Arrival at Vila de Trindade after 30 minutes of driving. First stop at Praia do Cepilho – ideal place for photos; Praia dos Ranchos – where it has a bar and restaurant structure; Praia do Meio – great for swimming and at the end of it begins the trail to Praia do Caixa D´aço, which lasts 25 minutes. The last stop on the tour is the Caixa D´aço Natural Pool, a set of rocks that form a pool in the middle of the sea, a great place for bathing and snorkeling. To get there, it's another 30 minutes along the trail through the Atlantic Forest. You can go to and from the Caixad'aço Natural Pool using an aluminum fisherman's boat that can be hired directly at Praia do Meio - optional/not included. On the way back from visiting the Natural Pool, we stop for lunch at Praia dos Ranchos (optional) at the Vagalume restaurant.

Day 5: Paraty

Get to know the most beautiful beaches and islands of the wonderful Bay of Paraty, with comfort and safety aboard our Neptune Schooners. This tour is among the most popular attractions in the historic city, an excellent option for all audiences. Ideal for those who enjoy beautiful landscapes and seek moments of rest and leisure. The tour lasts 5 hours, with four stops, one of them for optional lunch (inside the vessel). 2 beaches and 2 islands are visited, stopping at these places for around 30 to 40 minutes to bathe, practice snorkeling or simply enjoy the beautiful beaches. The vessels have all the services and infrastructure to make your trip pleasant, comfortable and safe. Our crew is always ready to welcome you!

Day 6: Paraty- Angra dos Reis

Transfer to Angra and a boat tour of the best beaches and islands of Angra. You will have a boat trip to the islands and have some stops on the best beaches of the islands. You will enjoy spectacular landscapes: white sands and blue calm water of the sea, many picturesque islets scattered around the bay. A journey out into the ocean may provide a chance to see dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays and sometimes even whales, and you can take a swim in the crystal clear waters. (without a guide) Angra is a dream destination with lots of islands just off the coast and beaches. Transfer to Rio, to the hotel. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 7: Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast you will head out with a guide on a trip to see the world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue on top of Corcovado Mountain. A specially designed train will take you from the foot of the mountain along a winding road through the magical Tijuca rainforest where if you are lucky you can see some of the enchanting tropical wildlife on constant display in Rio, such as toucans, monkeys and armadillos. At the summit of Corcovado, 700m above sea level, proudly stands the iconic image seen around the world – a 38m high statue of Christ the Saviour. But that is not the only breathtaking thing about this place – when up close to the statue you will be overwhelmed by the stunning panoramic view of the city, so high up it seems as though you are truly flying with the birds around you. From the far reaches of Guanabara Bay, to the Maracanã Stadium, all along to Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana, Ipanema and Gávea Mountain, you can see the whole of Rio de Janeiro.

Day 8,9,10: Rio de Janeiro

Free time in Rio for optional excursions. Botanical Garden The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens is a magnificent 137 hectare garden over 200 years old featuring over 7000 different species of plants. Some of the most beautiful exotic plants in the world such as orchids, bromeliads, cacti and giant bamboo are on display here, in the shadow of the Corcovado mountain. The botanical pond, featuring the giant water lilies, is a favorite spot for the local wildlife, particularly capivara families which can be seen playing in the shallow waters. Duration: 4 hours

Rio Night: Samba Show

Samba Show Rio provides an unforgettable night of Brazilian music and dance. You will experience authentic Latin culture as world class performers sing and dance to the sounds of samba and capoeira. Dinner is provided during the show, after which you will be taken back to your hotel. Duration: 4 hours

Royal Petropólis

Petropolis is one of the most historically important towns in Brazil, located in the mountains 60km away from Rio de Janeiro city. Dom Pedro II bought the land in 1830 to build a summer palace in the cooler mountain climate away from the scorching heat of Rio. You can still see the perfectly-preserved German-style architecture dotted around the town, transporting you to a world far away from tropical Rio de Janeiro. The Royal Palace still contains many treasures of the Portuguese royal family, such as the royal crown decorated with diamonds and pearls, now on display in the museum. You can also visit the Cathedral where Dom Pedro II and his wife are buried. Duration: 8 hours

Helicopter flight over Rio

This special trip begins at Sugarloaf mountain or Lagoa. Rio is always best seen from up on high, and you will get an unobstructed view of the Marvelous City from the skies, with the Christ the Redeemer statue, Sugarloaf mountain, Two Brothers mountain, and the golden curves of Copacabana and Ipanema down below.Flight duration: 8-9 minutes.


Favela, an enigmatic place that generates the curiosity of many tourists, a phenomenon that enchants by its diversity, revealing a unique colorless. The city's geographical features, such as hills and urban mountains, were occupied by self-regulating communities with their own laws and traditions. The Vidigal Favela is located on the slope of the Two Brothers hill, bordering Leblon, one of the most expensive areas of Rio de Janeiro. Ascend Morro Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers Hill) on this half-day hiking tour in Rio de Janeiro. Travel through the Vidigal favela at its base and learn about the city's stark social contrasts as you make your way to the summit. Soak up the sweeping views of Rocinha, Pedra da Gávea and Corcovado mountain, among other famed landmarks in the ‘Marvelous City. You will see firsthand what the slum lives and breathes. Within the favela there are several bars, botecos, restaurants with typical foods, nightclubs and ecological walks with breathtaking views. We will definitely drop into local shops, bakeries and bars, where you can drink cafezinho or freshly squeezed juice from tropical fruits cupuacu, acerola and graviola or taste a Brazilian cocktail caipirinha.

Nightlife in Lapa (with dinner and transfer)

Lapa is one of the “most carioca parts of Rio de Janeiro” due to its super democratic way. Full of traditional bars, samba circles, nightclubs with live music, and dance halls, it has space for all types of people and music! With a lot of samba, funk, DJ's, and with renowned names of Brazilian music! Making thousands of people meet in the neighborhood every night.Discover famous nightlife in the Lapa neighborhood in a safe way on a guided walking tour. Enjoy dances, music, and caipirinha, the most popular Brazilian drink.



4* Arena Leme (7n) + Pousada Corsario Paraty (3n) + Services

SGL - $ 4,475

DBL - $ 2,385

TRP - $ 2,391

The price of the program includes:

-Accommodation in hotels according to the program, -Guided tours according to the program -Transfers with a driver

The price of the program does not include:

-Optional excursions -International flights -Tips to guides and drivers

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